Healthy does not mean tasteless!

A healthy diet can be delicious if the ingredients and spices are properly selected and naturally fresh.

Lose extra pounds with Fit Kitchen

You don't need to starve yourself on a diet. The ingredients of our dishes and their preparation have been planned so that you feel full after each of the five meals, even on a 1000 kcal diet.

Fresh products every day

For the health of our customers, we buy fresh products every day. We choose only organic and 100% natural food.

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The benefits with us


Balanced diet

The basis for a healthy and effective weight reduction is an appropriately balanced diet in which we include natural, least processed food products.


100% natural products

Dishes prepared from natural products are richer in nutritional values and do not contain harmful chemicals.

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4 meals a day

Regular meals eaten at certain times are very important for our body and help to maintain an appropriate weight and lose unnecessary kilograms.


Weight loss without yo-yo effect

Thanks to a balanced diet, regular meal times and the implementation of healthy eating habits, you will quickly lose weight and forget about excess weight for a long time.

Healthy Eating Diet

A healthy eating diet is intended not only for people who need to lose unnecessary kilograms, but for all those who want to maintain or improve the condition of their body. The basic principles of healthy eating are: regular meals, keeping the body hydrated, dishes prepared with fresh and least processed products, as well as a diet rich in vegetables and fruits and the best quality meat, limiting the consumption of salt and unhealthy carbohydrates. Eating regularly is a very important element of a healthy diet.

Vegetables and fruit should be eaten as often as possible and in as much quantity as possible. At least half of the meals we eat during the day should consist of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits. Such a diet has a beneficial effect, among others, in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, stroke, heart attack) and cancer.


The Standard Diet is our most varied diet, based on lean meat, dairy, vegetables, fruit and healthy carbohydrate foods. There you will find flavors that you know well, but also inspired by cuisines from around the world. So if you want to lose weight or develop healthy eating habits, and you do not have to give up product groups, the standard diet is just for you.

The standard diet in our dietary catering is available in the following variants: 1000 kcal, 1200 kcal, 1500 kcal, 1800 kcal, 2000 kcal, 2200 kcal, 2500 kcal. Thanks to this, you can choose a menu that suits your needs. All the sets consist of 5 wholesome meals for the whole day. Their preparation is supervised by nutritionists and professional chefs. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the dishes will be not only healthy, but also tasty. Below you will find a sample menu of our standard diet.

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Do you suffer from gluten sensitivity or just want to eliminate this ingredient from your daily menu? A gluten-free diet is just for you! Our menus are based on gluten-free products, and in addition, we care about the separation of technological processes during the preparation of meals. We only use gluten-free products in our gluten-free diet. In this diet, you will find, among others, fresh vegetables, fruits, groats, dairy products and lean meat and fish. Our menus also include delicious and healthy gluten-free desserts. See for yourself!

The gluten-free box diet has calories of 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2000 kcal. It is perfect for both weight loss and healthy weight gain. If you need help choosing the right calorific value, please contact us. The dietitian will be happy to answer all your questions and select the best box diet option tailored to your needs. Welcome!

We make every effort to ensure that gluten does not appear in the diet, but there is a small chance that the dishes will contain traces of gluten.


Lactose is a disaccharide found in milk and dairy products. With age, the enzyme digesting lactose disappears in our body, which can cause unpleasant ailments after its consumption. A lactose-free diet meets the needs of people suffering from hypersensitivity to lactose. The menu in a lactose-free diet is based on lean meat, fruit and vegetables, and lactose-free dairy products or on their plant substitutes, such as tofu, drinks and vegetable yoghurts. By using this type of nutrition, you will forget about ailments caused by lactose intolerance.

The lactose-free diet comes in five caloric variants: 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000 kcal and is composed in such a way that it does not lack the necessary nutrients. If you are not sure which lactose-free diet option is right for you, please contact us! Nutritionists will be happy to help you choose the right caloric content.

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