Healthy does not mean tasteless!

A healthy diet can be delicious if the ingredients and spices are properly selected and naturally fresh.

Lose extra pounds with Fit Kitchen

You don't need to starve yourself on a diet. The ingredients of our dishes and their preparation have been planned so that you feel full after each of the five meals, even on a 1000 kcal diet.

Fresh products every day

For the health of our customers, we buy fresh products every day. We choose only organic and 100% natural food.

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About us

Catering for healthy eating Fit Kitchen is more than just a box diet. Our diets have been developed and balanced by experienced nutritionists. We buy fresh products every day to ensure the maximum flavor and nutritional value in our dishes. When preparing our dishes, we take care of the smallest detail. Each of them is created with passion by experienced chefs who know perfectly well what ingredients and spices go the best and will please the palates of customers.

We invite you to place orders. Enjoy your meal!

Healthy Eating Diet

In theory it seems simple, in practice it requires knowledge, commitment, discipline and devoting a lot of time to shopping and preparing healthy meals. If you do not have the appropriate knowledge about healthy eating or your only limitation is the lack of time caused by excessive daily duties – use our dietary catering.

A proper slimming diet should be arranged in such a way as to provide our body with all the nutrients it needs for proper functioning, i.e. proteins, healthy carbohydrates and fats as well as micro and macro elements that are necessary for the proper course of metabolic processes.

The limited caloric content of a slimming diet does not mean that we will starve. The basis for healthy weight loss and effective weight reduction is a properly arranged menu that includes a variety of natural and least processed foods.

The benefits with us


Balanced diet

The basis for a healthy and effective weight reduction is an appropriately balanced diet in which we include natural, least processed food products.


100% natural products

Dishes prepared from natural products are richer in nutritional values and do not contain harmful chemicals.

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4 meals a day

Regular meals eaten at certain times are very important for our body and help to maintain an appropriate weight and lose unnecessary kilograms.


Weight loss without yo-yo effect

Thanks to a balanced diet, regular meal times and the implementation of healthy eating habits, you will quickly lose weight and forget about excess weight for a long time.

How it works?

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Contact us

Call us or fill in and send the form. We will try to answer all your questions.


Agree the details with a dietitian

Our experienced nutritionists will calculate your caloric needs and help you choose the best diet option for you.


Enjoy fresh dishes

Every day we buy fresh products from reliable suppliers so that your diet is tasty and rich in necessary macronutrients.


We cook with attention to detail

The meals are prepared with the utmost care by professional chefs who know the secrets of healthy eating.


We deliver meals to your home or work

The courier will deliver your dishes to the indicated address so that you can enjoy fresh meals from the very morning!


You pursue your goal tasty and healthy

The sets consist of 4 meals, thanks to which you will eat regularly. The portions are enough to help you get through the day without feeling hungry.

Are you allergic?

This is not a problem, but be sure to let us know before you order a diet for yourself. We will try to adapt the dishes excluding ingredients to which you are allergic.

Check the range of our deliveries

The beginnings are tough, so we are not yet able to offer deliveries to destinations far away from Gothenburg. If you would like to order catering and you live outside our delivery range – contact us and we will try to find a solution for you.

Do you need a healthy and tasty diet?

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